Solutions: WaterPik

sonic toothbrush and waterpik
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The WaterPik oral care device has several models.  The one shown here is their “Complete Care” model which includes a sonic toothbrush as well as a water flosser.  The videos, below, demonstrate using a model which just includes the WaterFlosser.  The difference in price is very frugal  compared to purchasing a sonic toothbrush and the water flosser separately.  The toothbrush recharges when ever it is in the base, runs for 2 minutes and then automatically shuts off, and has a brief pause at the 30 second, 60 second, and 90 second mark so you can clean each quadrant of the teeth and gums consistently each day.  A travel toothbrush case is included with the complete care set.  There are two toothbrush tips included: small and medium sized.  The water flosser includes various pressure settings, various tips, instructions for use, and a storage container for your tips.

Dentist shows proper  use:

Dental hygienist shows how to maintain:


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