ONLINE: Martial Arts Classes

This is a FABULOUS find!  If you haven’t yet heard of it, you are going to want to visit 

What is it, you ask?  The first ever (at least as far as I am aware) DIY ONLINE AT HOME Martial Arts classes.  It is a great way to get started.  Give it a try.  If you register, kindly visit my profile and add me your friend–I’d love to follow you.

Now on to the features: Martial Arts ONLINE learning system

In the illustration to the right(which is a screen shot from the website ) you will see the current course offerings.  There are new courses being added, new lessons begin added, and new types of martial arts instruction offered.  There is also a community forum you can use to ask any questions you may have receiving instructor feedback or get social with other students (n

ot required).  You have your own profile you can modify and it allows (but doesn’t require) for you to friend fellow students and instructors.  There are a number of free courses, and some premium courses as well.  I’ve taken a few in-person classes before in different areas, and these classes are quality lessons, usually in the format of video instruction.  You can follow along.  You can re-start and re-do a lesson any number of times.  Classes appear to be life-long access.  Some courses have downloads you can study.  All of it is FUN

Leadership Board-other fun items

and a great workout to boot.  If you live rurally, this is so much better than not having a place to learn, practice these skills.

The home page also has a fun summary of classes you can take, new lessons which have been added since your last long in, and different focus/fun/friendly competition–such as this month’s (I’m currently #2!).  If you sign up to take any classes, please visit my profile and add me as a friend–let me know you read about this great opportunity at my blog or on SparkPeople.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!


2 thoughts on “ONLINE: Martial Arts Classes”

  1. Sounds very interesting === but my main “need-to-know” is : Does this website have open captioning or subtitling or closed captioning (where you toggle it on or off but it has more of the environmental information like “birds singing” or “dog barking” etc, which Subtitling doesn’t actually provide. Open Caption is just on there for everyone to see, nothing to toggle on or off.

    The martial arts are something that I’ve been interested in but never could understand what they were saying – I’ve attended a few Tai Chi classes as well as one Karate class. The one class in Tai Chi at college was challenging as I had an interpreter but I don’t sign well enough to really benefit from the interpreter. So it was mostly “monkey see monkey do.”


    1. That is a great question! Yes, and no. Let me explain. I “listen” to the video using closed captioning. Some of the video content is EXCELLENT with its Closed Captioning. However, some of the rest of it, is not. The website is in progress of being built, from as far as I can tell–the owner(s) are slowly but surely adding new content and switching free courses to paid courses over time so it is like taking a martial arts class at home–you even submit video exams for a belt, if you want one, but you can take the class without the belt exams.


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