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Solutions: WaterPik

sonic toothbrush and waterpik
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The WaterPik oral care device has several models.  The one shown here is their “Complete Care” model which includes a sonic toothbrush as well as a water flosser.  The videos, below, demonstrate using a model which just includes the WaterFlosser.  The difference in price is very frugal  compared to purchasing a sonic toothbrush and the water flosser separately.  The toothbrush recharges when ever it is in the base, runs for 2 minutes and then automatically shuts off, and has a brief pause at the 30 second, 60 second, and 90 second mark so you can clean each quadrant of the teeth and gums consistently each day.  A travel toothbrush case is included with the complete care set.  There are two toothbrush tips included: small and medium sized.  The water flosser includes various pressure settings, various tips, instructions for use, and a storage container for your tips.

Dentist shows proper  use:

Dental hygienist shows how to maintain:


Another Point of View

We started this series on Dental Health this week taking a look at the video from the OraWellness.Com website regarding cell phone use and its connection to dental health.  They also have an article on their website exploring nutritional aspects  of healing tooth decay examining different nutritional impacts on serum phosphorus levels in their article, “What causes tooth decay (And how to stop it)?”

How to Cure Tooth Decay? Part 1

Is it possible?  Ramiel Nagel says so.  Join me this week for our ongoing series on dental health exploring various websites around the internet with information regarding dental health issues.

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Check out Ramiel’s book, which is extremely well documented and quite possibly the best book on nutrition I’ve ever read!