Acupressure for Weight Loss

All of the videos, ideas, and tips in this blog’s “Self Help” category are exactly that–things you can do to help support your body’s natural healing process.  The body was designed to heal its self, however, modern life sometimes wreaks havoc on that process.  When we’re ill, we all know to go to the physician’s office, but these are tips we can do at home which may help aid our healing processes before needing to go to the physician.

Weight loss is one of those big time consuming, money consuming office visits.  There is medical weight loss, pills, gadgets, herbal teas, diet plans, paid weight loss clinics–you name it and there is someone out there selling it to someone or other when it comes to weight loss.  Here is a chart which may help your body rebalance itself using simple do-at-home techniques for assisting in weight loss which are worth trying and completely free!


Spark People

Click to join Spark People’s community free.One of the best websites for weight loss, exercise, nutrition, support, health information is Spark People.  You can get as involved as you want.  They offer free tracking of your daily calories, including a break down of your carbs, fat, protein, etc.  You can adjust the settings to monitor different health factors for different dietary needs. If you wish, you can follow a recommended diet, share or view recipes of other successful dieters.

Likewise, there are built in exercise routines, videos, and information.  You can track all of your exercise and calories burned daily.

Spark People is also a successful supportive online community.  You can join groups of similar interests, participate in various challenges, blog, and post comments for others, and earn points for gifting others with encouraging little goodies.    Join Spark People today,

Follow Jessica Smith Fitness


If you have never had a chance to visit Jessica Smith’s work out blog and YouTube channel, you are going to want to drop by and say hello.  What is so great about Jessica’s blog and channel?  If you subscribe, she will send you new workouts, typically every Saturday–however at the time of this post, she just completed a week long series of new workouts posted daily.  There is always something new and always something for everyone and her videos are free, offer variety, are online follow-along and full-length video workouts to help you keep in shape while offering variety.

Below is a sample of the kind of awesome workout advice Jessica dishes up on her blog. Just this information alone can produce endless fresh daily workout combinations for months or even years to come but there is also so much more content available too.

Plug and Play Weekly YouTube Workout Rotation:

Day 1: STRENGTH TRAINING + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 2: CARDIO + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 3:STRENGTH TRAINING  + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 4: ABS/CORE WORKCARDIO + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 5:STRENGTH TRAINING + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 6: PILATES AND YOGA INSPIRED + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 7: Active Rest Day! Pick a STRETCHING ROUTINE or do some gentle, easy movement on your own today.

*Why so much walking? Unless you have an active daily routine already (those of you that do, feel free to skip this part), most of us are spending an average of 9-12 hours a day sitting! And that’s even those of us who workout consistently. Studies show that even a full hour long workout isn’t enough to combat the negative health effects of sitting all day long. So rather than try to exercise more, try your scheduled workout and then add in additional walk time to stay more active throughout the day. Feel free to break up your walks into shorter segments or try them all at once, whatever works better for your schedule.

In addition to the blog, Jessica also puts out an awesome weekly newsletter.  The weekly newsletter includes an entire week’s free plan with links to the follow-along workouts.  In addition, she frequently has challenges and other items of interest to switch up your routine. You can also check out her newsletter archive for more awesome suggestions, workouts and tips. So head on over to Jessica’s and sign up for per blog!

Suggested Workouts for the Week

Need some help putting together a workout plan for your week?

Here are a few workouts we recommend trying next week:

Day 1: 40-Minute Superset Sculpt + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 2: 25-Minute Cardio Boot Camp Boogie + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 3: 20-Minute Strictly Strength + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 4: 30-Minute Cardio Core Fusion Flow + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 5: 53-Minute Fusion Sculpt + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 6: 20-Minute Core Stretch + 15-60 Minutes of Walking*

Day 7: Active Rest Day! Try this 15-Minute Chair Yoga session or do some gentle, easy movement on your own today.

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