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Social Media Graphics

Using your cell phone or other mobile device, take a great shot of something you would like to post to Facebook, your blog, twitter, or other social media online?  Enter Canva.com where you can log in and start creating like a pro all kinds of great social media and other graphics without any complicated software or learning curve.  Great for beginners and more experienced bloggers a like.  Check it out (click image below and log in)


Cell Phones and Dental Health?

Recently, I started following a new website called OraWellness that I wanted to share with you.  What caught my attention about this website is a video I saw on YouTube, which lead me  back to the main website.  There is a detailed article which gets deeper into the facts behind the routine shown in the video which also includes charts and other info.  Click on the article title  to go directly to OraWellness article entitled Is Your Cell Phone Causing Your Teeth to Decay.  You can also follow OraWellness at their website, pintrest, and YouTube, if interested in more information.