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Steven Cabral’s Lose 5 in 7 Days

anti-inflammatory-videoJust received an email from Steve Cabral in which he is sharing a secret video entitled How to Lose 5 Pounds in 7 Days.  Normally, I don’t bother with such obvious “marketing” techniques, as well all know by now the standard disclaimer “results shown are not typical.”  However, Steven Cabral puts out some great stuff so I gave a listen.

In exchange for my time, I found his main tip centers around avoiding inflammatory foods.

  1.  Stay away from foods which are highly glycemic.  Eat foods that don’t spike your blood sugar.
  2. Inflammation can result from work, stress, lack of sleep: anything which creates higher levels of cortisol in the body.
  3. There are foods, when you eat them, that mimic the stress hormone cortisol in the body.  Don’t eat them!  They will make you fat.

The secret to weight loss is decrease inflammatory foods and increase consumption of anti-inflammatory foods.

Cause Inflammation:

  1. Wheat
  2. Enriched products
  3. Yeast
  4. Processed foods
  5. Juices
  6. Stay away from meats that have a lot of visible fat on them.
  7. Grapes
  8. Exotic fruits like mango, papaya, etc.
  9. Corn
  10. Eggplant
  11. Tomatoes

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

  1. No more than a hand-full of nuts per day.   Nuts are anti-inflammatory.
  2. Berries–any fruit that ends in “Berry” is awesome
  3. Vegetables are powerfully anti-inflammatory
  4. Garlic
  5. Peppers
  6. pure Olive Oil
  7. Omega3 Fish Oil
  8. Green leafy veggies

He then outlines in his video his program that he uses with his clients.  If your interested, take a look at his video.